Monochromatic apartment with interesting decor details


Monochromatic interiors can easily feel quite cold and uncomfortable but this carefully designed 63 sqm Gothenburg apartment is a great example how detailed home decor can make a big difference. The main living space divides into kitchen/dining room and the living room. The step between these areas creates a nice border yet keeping the space fully open.

The kitchen is by Italian Arrital. Fully integrated kitchenware and led spots take care of the quality finishing both regarding to lighting and the main impression of the kitchen and dining area. This apartment is listed at Bjurfors.

diningtable-monochromatic-apartment kitchen-sink-monochromatic-apartment homedecor-monochromatic-apartment livingroom-monochromatic-apartment sliding-glass-door-monochromatic-apartment

There’s a spacious walk in closet behind the sliding glass wall for storing clothes and other stuff. The light grey tone of the walls¬†softens the overall look while the rooms enjoy a lot of natural light.

storage-units-monochromatic-apartment bedroom-monochromatic-apartment decor-details-monochromatic-apartment

Bold lighting elements throughout the apartment and the harmony of the spaces creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for this apartment.