Multiple rooms brought into one stylish interior space


Experiencing a full redesign and restoration, this space combining the kitchen, dining area, a working corner and the living room shows up with a great example how optimizing the use of floor space and ending up with a practical and functional yet stylish interior design. The project is completed by Bonham Interior.


Dominating white and warm wood create the base layer for the decor while graphical patterns bring nice detail for the overall look. The dining area sits perfectly in the other end of the kitchen, leaving a compact working desk corner between. It’s a perfect place for a small home office that’s often thought to need a separate room which it usually doesn’t. The bench at the back adds comfort and an unusual approach for the dining area set.

kitchen-living-room-study-corner kitchen-living-room-white

The elegant white gets interesting additions through the door knobs and the detailed top bordering of the cabinets. Also pay attention for the kitchen backsplash which has a nide 3D effect.