Old silo turned into a loft home


Renovating old buildings and respecting their architectural characters make them not only look great but also feel that there has been put real effort and thinking. In this old silo, belonging to the Bäckby mansion in the beginning of 1900’s, the interiors and infrastucture have been fully transformed to meet today’s needs. White painted brick walls, old wooden floors and the great room height together with dark brown ceiling offers the resident a loft like living space with an open and social atmosphere. On top of all there is a an amazing Finnish sauna to fulfill the home spa. The harmonic color theme from grey, white, brown and black combines the historic scenes with modern interior design. Things are left simple enough to let the house itself stand out and enjoy all the visual respect it deserves. This house located in Vantaa, Finland is listed at RE/MAX.

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Photos remax.fi