Personal style family-friendly home by MAK Interiors


The Fairlane House, designed by MAK Interiors, is a home expressing a personal style and decor yet being same time full of practical finishes to create a warm family-friendly living environment for a family of six. Custom glass fish-scale backsplash in the kitchen and other bold color choices bring this unique house alive. Comfortable reading nooks, playful patterns and vivid decorating throughout the house make it high on style.

kitchen-personal-style-family-home kitchen-island-personal-style-family-home kitchen-nook-personal-style-family-home interiors-personal-style-family-home dining-room-personal-style-family-home hallway-personal-style-family-home bathroom-personal-style-family-home study-room-personal-style-family-home playroom-personal-style-family-home

Photos Makito Inomata