Promised Land residence by Bates Masi Architects


The Promised Land residence by Bates Masi Architects shows great architecture design by adapting the nature and environment with modern open house design. This 384 square meters sized house forms from two separate wings dividing the public and private spaces from each other. The two wings are connected only by a circulation bridge, which can be completely opened to allow the wind to flow through the site without interruption. Inside the exposed wood beams highlight the architectural elements, same time having the venting panels between each beam at the perimeter. The open pool area and use of bright wood in the interiors put the house as close to the nature as possible adding same time the beautiful water element reflecting the rotating sun.

architecture-adapting-environment luxury-residence-by-bates-masi open-yard-architecture pool-area-architecture house-architecture-joining-the-nature promised-land-bates-masi-hallway promised-land-bates-masi-interior-design wooden-kitchen-style-bates-masi-architects bright-interiors-woodevening-light-pool-area-bates-masi-architects