Relaxed earthy home decor

Relaxed earthy home decor

The shades of white and gray used in the flooring and walls let the wooden furniture bring warmth to this beautifully relaxed interior design with a calm scandinavian style. Soft carpet under the dining table and japanese style paper pendant soften the looks on contrast to the black lighting fixtures, trolley table and kitchen tap. Get more inspiration of this stylish home at emskipihla‘s instagram.

The wooden based Hay About A Chair AAC22 chairs are a perfect match with the Artek K65 stools at the kitchen isle. Marimekko Ming vase and the steel framed chair give the white finish for the decor, of course not forgetting the Formakami JH3 pendant light.

Relaxed earthy living room decor

The style of the open kitchen continues to the living room area sharing the same space. The Woodnotes Twiggy coffee table gives nice edgy design for the overall lightness. Adjustable wall lamp together with hanging lamp is a nice black addition for the living room.

Relaxed earthy living room

The daybed in the work room let’s you enjoy a nice nap during the day. Soft carpet and stool together with textiles make the space feel cozy.

Relaxed earthy home style

While the color palette remains light and harmonic, details in wall decor and other textures bring warm looks for rooms. The desktop in the work room is placed nicely not against the wall but more at the center of the room. Leather straps and wooden shelves put the magazines and prints on their place fitting the home decor.

Relaxed earthy bedroom decor

Carpets around the bed are great to feel your toes warm from the beginning of the day. Wooden Artek stool and the bench at the end of the bed are great to keep things on their place and not lying around. Also notice the lovely Milk table lamp by &Tradition.

Photos @emskipihla / instagram

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