Reusing the wood from existing log structure for sustainable house design


Located in Cloverdale, USA, this beautiful log house based architecture by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects puts a lot effort on sustainable building and use of materials. Reusing the wood from existing kit log structure and respecting the origins of the house makes this beautiful residence a great piece of architecture.

The roof carries a PV array and solar hot water panels which provide much of the energy needed for the house. All of the interior and exterior wood paneling, trim and decking was milled down from the logs of the original kit house.

slope-sustainable-building-cloverdale-residence interior-design-sustainable-building-cloverdale-residence livingroom-sustainable-building-cloverdale-residence views-sustainable-building-cloverdale-residence

The views from the living room are magnificent. The use of wood is strongly present throughout the spaces of the house. You really feel the interiors are part of the surrounding views and nature.

bedroom-sustainable-building-cloverdale-residence terrace-sustainable-building-cloverdale-residence sustainable-building-cloverdale-residence architecture-sustainable-building-cloverdale-residence lighting-sustainable-building-cloverdale-residence

The large terrace area lets you enjoy the sunny days and easily change from indoors to outdoors.