Sardinera House, luxury architecture by the Mediterranean Sea


The Sardinera House by Ramon Esteve Estudio, lays on the top of a hillside offering spectacular panoramic views over the Mediterranean Sea. The solid yet light architecture gives the house its luxurious finish and feel while the strong character of the house generates from the concrete walls, sealed with large glass panes, same time seeing the white timber adapting with the white hue covering the elements of the house.

The sea is combined throughout the rooms and spaces of the house. The pavement, made of off-white polished concrete is present both inside and outside. Elegant and sophisticated interior design gives the house its great finish with a luxurious atmosphere.

architecure-view-sardinera-house view-sardinera-house architecture-details-sardinera-house patio-sardinera-house architecture-sardinera-house livingroom-sardinera-house interiors-sardinera-house indoor-pool-sardinera-house staircase-sardinera-house diningroom-sardinera-house kitchen-sardinera-house bathroom-sardinera-house pools-sardinera-house

The indoor pool associates with the outdoor pool by a longitudinal window.

bynight-sardinera-house lighting-pool-sardinera-house lighting-outdoors-sardinera-house stonewalls-sardinera-house location-sardinera-house