Scandinavian elegance meets luxury living by the sea


Located in a slight slope, this scandinavian beauty of modern architecture and elegance, offers luxurious living just outside the city Helsinki. The property consists of two separate building, the main house and the beach sauna which servers also as a guest house. The views over the landscape, great room height and large windows in the main living level makes you enjoy the life while the contemporary black and white scandinavian style gets an elegant twist from the walnut furniture in the kitchen, designed by Kirsi Valanti. The house is listed at Bo LKV.

scandinavian-elegance-kitchen scandinavian-elegance-kitchen-white-wood scandinavian-elegance-open-space scandinavian-elegance-sitting-room scandinavian-elegance-sitting-room-fireplace scandinavian-elegance-living-room scandinavian-elegance-bedroom-cabinet-doors scandinavian-elegance-bedroom-interior scandinavian-elegance-hallway-mirrors scandinavian-elegance-entryway scandinavian-elegance-bathroom-door scandinavian-elegance-bathroom-design scandinavian-elegance-bathroom-sauna scandinavian-elegance-sauna-design scandinavian-elegance-luxury-house scandinavian-elegance-outdoor-bath scandinavian-elegance-terrace scandinavian-elegance-views scandinavian-elegance-beach-house-interior

The beach sauna is the perfect place for quality relaxing time with the family and friends. A compact kitchen/dining room area, in addition with a bed corner. The beach sauna house continues with the modern look of the main house.