Scandinavian home design combining white, black and original decor details


Black wooden flooring in the living room gives nice contrast for the bright white walls and ceiling of this Scandinavian style apartment in Sweden. Lots of original details and decor elements of the apartment has been remained to respect and emphasize the historic character of this home, while the furniture and decor elements create an interesting connection between the old and new. This Scandinavian beauty is listed at Alvhem.


Thanks to the wide pair doors between rooms the overall feels comfortable open and social, yet giving the full privacy when needed.

scandinavian-home-decor-style scandinavian-home-bedroom

Black turns into white in the flooring, dividing same time the spaces from each other. Large green plants add a nice natural and earthy touch for the decor.

scandinavian-home-white-decor scandinavian-home-bedroom-style scandinavian-home-kitchen-design scandinavian-home-kitchen-decor

The kitchen combines different style lines from modern glossy white to rustic black wood, in addition with romantic flower wallpaper and metal elements and kitchen appliances.

scandinavian-home-furniture scandinavian-home-details scandinavian-home-entry