Scandinavian interior elegance in tones of wood


The use of wood in flooring, furniture and other elements of interior design often refers to a scandinavian house or apartment. But what really makes the house look scandinavian is the light, airy atmosphere that multiplies its lightness by the use of white and clear symmetric lines in the elements of the space.

This elegant 300 sqm house in Finland, listed at Bo LKV, reminds of the basis of this pure northern style. Spiced with design furniture and nice material additions of glass and steel, the entity comes alive in a timeless form that can be easily customized and re-designed to meet the different seasons of the year.


The living room, dining area and kitchen forms an open social space, filled with lots of natural light.

kitchen-island-scandinavian-style-elegance kitchen-scandinavian-style-elegance living-room-dining-scandinavian-style-elegance bedroom-terrace-scandinavian-style-elegance bedroom-scandinavian-style-elegance bathrooms-scandinavian-style-elegance lounge-room-scandinavian-style-elegance bathroom-scandinavian-style-elegance sauna-scandinavian-style-elegance hot-tub-scandinavian-style-elegance terrace-scandinavian-style-elegance