Scandinavian modern black and white interior design


With up to 170 sqm. of living space this modern Scandinavian home in Finland attracts with characteristic architecture and vivid, natural light filled interiors. This black and white themed home is listed for sale at Bo LKV.


Though the overall seems rather minimalistic by its color the entity charms with a wide range of details and interesting interior elements. The fireplace and the semi-wall dividing the kitchen from living room bring nice depth for the space while the roof level changes around.

black-white-interior-scandinavian-depth black-white-interior-scandinavian-space

Design pendant, large windows and the great room height multiplies the feel of space. Tall green plant in the middle associates nicely with the background view through the windows.

black-white-interior-scandinavian-kitchen black-white-interior-scandinavian-dining-area black-white-interior-scandinavian-space-divide black-white-interior-scandinavian-bedroom black-white-interior-scandinavian-kids-room black-white-interior-scandinavian-downstairs black-white-interior-scandinavian-bathroom black-white-interior-scandinavian-sauna black-white-interior-scandinavian-toilet black-white-interior-scandinavian-yard black-white-interior-scandinavian-terrace