Small apartment design with a spacious loft


Experiencing a throughout renovation, this 30 sqm. sized apartment, located in Helsinki, Finland, got a bright white layout with a glossy apartment wide ceiling surface. The triangle like shape of the apartment gave the designer (Helsinki Home Design) some challenges but also offered a unique floor plan as well. The room height up to 3,4 meters made it a clear statement for a loft creation to maximize the use of available floor space. The result is amazing, showcasing a great example of a compact apartment design, yet keeping it bright and comfortable for everyday living.

small-apartment-design-in-finland compact-apartment-design-white-interiors

The kitchen corner joins an island structure for optional table space which also works for daily tasks, desktop purposes and for dining. The table top flows a bit over the base to make it comfortable for the legs while sitting.

compact-kitchen-design-in-white bright-white-in-compact-small-apartment reading-nook-in-small-apartment compact-staircase-solution-in-small-apartment

Light structured staircase takes you to the spacious loft with optional storage units for clothes and other stuff.


Photos Helsinki Home Design