Small apartment interior design with a bright look


Keeping the amount of furniture and home decor on the lower level gives the overall of the interior a light, easy looking atmosphere where even the smallest things and details have the chance to stand out and be part of the interior design. This apartment listed at Stadshem is a great example of that.

Consisting of 37 sqm sets the limits of the design in first place but yet it let’s yo do a lot of things. Old wooden, white painted floor together with the windows in each end of the apartment multiplies the natural light of the spaces. White color stands for most of the surfaces but comes alive in the walls thank to the rough finishing.


A bed in the living room can also be used for extra seating. The more decor pillows you have, the more you can adapt it to look like an ordinary coach. The black and white colors are a great option with smaller apartments. Just remember to add enough of textures and different materials to make the spaces comfortable and more interesting.


In this living room the light looking String Pocket shelves on the wall, industrial night table light and the design icon Kartell Bourgie table light create a stylish combination together with other things and details such as prints on the wall.

small-apartment-bright-and-cozy kitchen-bright-and-cozy brickwall-kitchen-bright-and-cozy

The kitchen gets some special character from the original brick wall which is only partly covered with the white plastering. A perfect combination of sleek white and black with rough, even historical elements.

brickwall-detail-in-kitchen hallway-bright-and-cozy

Photos / Janne Olander