Sochi Villa by Alexandra Fedorova


This sculptural villa in Sochi, Russia, is designed by awarded architect Alexandra Fedorova. The upper living area of the house spreads widely over the base structure of the house making it look like a floating element.

The beautiful nature and magnificent views over the hills put this white architectural treat into a perfect spotlight. The open patio area with a pool, natural light filled interiors and the angular design of the house make this villa a perfect holiday paradise.

side-villa-sochi-alexandra-fedorova-architect villa-sochi-alexandra-fedorova-architect entry-villa-sochi-alexandra-fedorova-architect

The entry of the house is one of the finest characters of the building. Wide steps take you to the glass walled entry door while having a overall glance of the whole building.

sidepatio-villa-sochi-alexandra-fedorova-architect overall-villa-sochi-alexandra-fedorova-architect views-villa-sochi-alexandra-fedorova-architect pool-villa-sochi-alexandra-fedorova-architect lighting-villa-sochi-alexandra-fedorova-architect open-kitchen-villa-sochi-alexandra-fedorova-architect kitchen-villa-sochi-alexandra-fedorova-architect livingroom-villa-sochi-alexandra-fedorova-architect