Sorrento House by Robert Mills


Sorrento House, by Robert Mills Architects and Interior Designers, is a contemporary Palladian villa showcasing the core ingredients of exposed concrete and basalt. These beautiful raw elements are twisted with a beach house look dressing the interiors into a combination of ultra-modern style and comfortable coastal atmosphere.

The monochromatic palette creates nice harmonic look same time creating an interesting contrast between the soft materials hard yet natural building structures. The huge amount of natural light flows endlessly throughout the spaces and rooms making them feel very open and vivid.


Open social living space create the perfect environment for family living and enjoying a little of luxury every day.

livingroom-robert-mills-sorrento-house details-robert-mills-sorrento-house kitchen-robert-mills-sorrento-house kitchen-island-robert-mills-sorrento-house staircase-robert-mills-sorrento-house patio-robert-mills-sorrento-house

Cozy and large patio area offers an amazing place for a pool party and spending time with your loved ones. The wooden elements become a beautiful continuum for the concrete architecture of the house.

glass-walls-robert-mills-sorrento-house terrace-robert-mills-sorrento-house