Spacious apartment with modern luxury


This spacious apartment designed by interior designer Milla Alftan is something that can be defined as modern scandinavian luxury. It’s not just the quality furniture and materials but also the harmonic and perfect floor planning where luxury living meets everyday needs. Point out the amazing ceiling lines with led stripes. Instead of basic flat surfaces the ceiling now comes alive creating mystic and interesting shadows as well. Actually the lighting is one of the most important aspects Milla sees in her works. This apartment has also integrated sound system and a full lake view from the wide windows in the living room.

luxury-spacious-apartment-7 luxury-spacious-apartment-8 luxury-spacious-apartment-4 luxury-spacious-apartment-1 luxury-spacious-apartment-6 luxury-spacious-apartment-11 luxury-spacious-apartment-9

The master bedroom has its own bathroom in the same space. Full height glass walls divide the bath tub and showers from the bedroom. The mirror in the back wall can be turned over offering a view to outdoors and letting the natural light flow in. Once again a catchy detail by the designer.

luxury-spacious-apartment-10 luxury-spacious-apartment-12

More about this and other Milla’s projects can be found at her Facebook page and website.