Summer villa overlooking the lake


Located in Kustavi, Finland, this summer villa designed by Haroma & Partners shows some perfect adaption with the surrounding environment and its patterns. The dark wooden surface of the villa comes one with the hard rough rocks around while the modern glass railing gives a contemporary addition for the steps taking you to the dock at the beach. The large patio areas adapt the nature’s forms and shapes to make the villa fit perfectly to the ground. The open and spacious interior layout together with the large windows offer magnificent lake views while enjoying a simple scandinavian style of design. Natural tones and materials emphasize the environmental atmosphere but also give the villa itse modern, contemporary look.

summer-villa-adapting-nature summer-villa-rock-yard summer-villa-terrace-area summer-villa-terrace-lake summer-villa-living-room-lake-view lake-view-villa modern-kitchen-summer-villa natural-interior-elements summer-villa-hallway summer-villa-sauna summer-villa-dock summer-villa-beach

Photos Arto Arvilahti /