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Perfect scandinavian style small house by water

Perfect Scandinavian style small house, located in the middle of nature. Wooden elements, rustic details and romantic decor bring this beauty to the next level of living.

Bright open interiors in a house by the sea

Light flows in through the great wall height windows, multiplying the feel of space of this beautiful 300 sqm. sized house in Finland.

Bright Scandinavian style studio apartment

Elegant oak finishes of the wall wide kitchen cabinets give this Scandinavian style studio apartment a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Elegant nordic home decor style

Elegant nordic style apartment with an open floor plan and spacious rooms offers sophisticated living space in the heart of the Helsinki city.

White joins the shades of gray in this Scandinavian home

Gorgeous white dominating the base color palette of this Finnish home, gets nice vivid contrast through the large room height windows.

Finnish house and interior design connects with the surrounding nature

Filled with sunlight through the large, wall wide windows, this Finnish home by the sea offers a close-to-nature living environment with contemporary interior design.

Scandinavian elegance meets luxury living by the sea

This scandinavian beauty of modern architecture and elegance, offers luxurious living in contemporary interiors adapting with the surrounding nature.

Garden Shed by Kekkilä

Garden Shed is a multi-functional outdoor building that combines a green house with storage space and a optional guest house.

Interior design in black and white with bold effects

Black and white scandinavian interior design spiced with bold decor and design elements to create a personal look for the house.

Modern black and white interior design with design details

The modern black and white interior design of this city apartment has many interesting design details and color spots.

Modern house architecture joins the nature around

Modern architecture connecting the nature and house design in the beautiful Finnish environment near Helsinki city.

Black and white, twisted with wood spots

Minimalist black and white color palette giving this nordic home a timeless look, twisted with nice design and decor details.

Scandinavian interior design in white

Scandinavian home with all white interior design multiplying the amount of natural light and feel of space. Added with design furniture and home decor this home is a real white dream.

Modern Sauna design with a comfortable environment

Sauna Kotiranta combines the traditional Finnish sauna and modern design that adapts the architecture with the surrounding nature and views.

Wooden family house by Casagrande Laboratory

Wooden family house by Casagrande Laboratory, reminds of a boat in harbor. Characteristic architecture unites with open and white interior design.

Elegant interior desing in an attic apartment

Elegant interior design, added with interesting and characteristic architecture of an old jugend house apartment building.

Popular Apartment Interiors

Fine-tuned luxury apartment in Triumph Palace

Contemporary glossy white gets an elegant addition from the natural toned wooden wall panel elements in this Triumph Palace apartment designed by Alexandra Fedorova.