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Edgy contrast for white home decor style

Playing with light grey tones and different materials while adding them into a white dominating home decor, you might end up getting something unique and special.

Bright Scandinavian style studio apartment

Elegant oak finishes of the wall wide kitchen cabinets give this Scandinavian style studio apartment a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Modern architecture and contemporary interiors of a Finnish house

Modern architecture meets contemporary interior design and comfortable living in the middle of beautiful nature in this Finnish house.

Interior design with a comprehensive look throughout

A perfect example how the small things matter when it comes to creating a comprehensive style for the house. Beautiful kitchen & dining room designed by Ali Budd Interiors.

Vivid apartment with lots of light in a Sydney home

Two storey terrace home combines the rough industrial design and open indoor plan, flooding with lots of natural light. Enjoy the vivid interiors and cosy compact terrace area.

Small apartment design with a spacious loft

Experiencing a throughout renovation, this 30 sqm. sized apartment got a bright white layout with a glossy apartment wide ceiling surface.

Elegant nordic home decor style

Elegant nordic style apartment with an open floor plan and spacious rooms offers sophisticated living space in the heart of the Helsinki city.

Casa Chamisero by GITC showcasing the luxury of landscapes

Casa Chamisero in Santiago, Chile, is an architectural oasis with spectacular views and a luxurious large terrace pool area.

White joins the shades of gray in this Scandinavian home

Gorgeous white dominating the base color palette of this Finnish home, gets nice vivid contrast through the large room height windows.

Clean Scandinavian interior design style

Stripes, grids and catchy decor details give this Scandinavian style kitchen a fine-tuned look, yet keeping the overall light and clean style.

Single-level contemporary retreat near Beverly Park

Sleek single-level contemporary retreat, with an open floor plan and spacious living and dining rooms, in addition with a large pool terrace.

Scandinavian home design combining white, black and original decor details

Black wooden flooring in the living room gives nice contrast for the bright white walls and ceiling of this Scandinavian style apartment in Sweden.

London family home refurbishment mixing the Scandinavian style and youthful eclecticism

The youthful eclecticism and bright Scandinavian style creates an interesting interior design for this cosy and comfortable, yet elegant family home in London.

The Gatti House apartment by Peek Architecture & Design

Penthouse in London showing a perfection of a contemporary house style spiced with interesting details, material choices and rich textures.

Ranelagh Residence by Contempo Interiors

Contemporary elegant interior design mixed with cosy and welcoming earthy tones in this Australian house with large terrace and pool areas.

Modern house architecture in Mercer Island by Sagemodern

Designed by Sagemodern, this modern house in 3 levels features an open living space and spacious foot deck offering great views over the landscape.

Popular Apartment Interiors

Fine-tuned luxury apartment in Triumph Palace

Contemporary glossy white gets an elegant addition from the natural toned wooden wall panel elements in this Triumph Palace apartment designed by Alexandra Fedorova.