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Stylish compact apartment with a loft sleeping area

Wih great room height and lots of natural light coming in through the windows this compact apartment is a stylish pad for any businessman.

Small apartment in black and white with a loft bedroom

This compact two room apartment consisting of 41 sqm. has a spacious loft bedroom and a comfy living/kitchen area. The great room height highlights the large and black kitchen cabinetry which has plenty of useful storage space.

Perfect scandinavian style small house by water

Perfect Scandinavian style small house, located in the middle of nature. Wooden elements, rustic details and romantic decor bring this beauty to the next level of living.

Small apartment design with a spacious loft

Experiencing a throughout renovation, this 30 sqm. sized apartment got a bright white layout with a glossy apartment wide ceiling surface.

Bright Finnish apartment in white and additional loft space

Contemporary and bright Finnish apartment enjoying lots natural light and architectural character with an additional loft space.

Popular Apartment Interiors

Fine-tuned luxury apartment in Triumph Palace

Contemporary glossy white gets an elegant addition from the natural toned wooden wall panel elements in this Triumph Palace apartment designed by Alexandra Fedorova.