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Small apartment in white, spiced with wood

Listed at Alvhem, this small apartment consisting of 40 sqm. offers a great floor plan, optimizing the available space for living and relaxing.

Earthy interior design of a compact Scandinavian apartment

Located in the highest floor of an apartment building in Stockholm, the earthy and calm interior design gives a warm welcome for this compact 51 sqm. home.

Scandinavian architecture with modern style

Scandinavian style house combining modern design with cosy warm elements and materials of wood. Multi-level terrace areas, great room height and lots of natural light.

Small apartment with bold details and decor

This small 40 sqm. apartment in Stockholm shows some bold detailing and decor elements, same time combining modern contemporary atmosphere with traditional styling.

Scandinavian small apartment in two levels

Not only has this amazing small apartment a fresh Scandinavian decor style but it also shows a unique floor plan dividing the 52 sqm. into two floors.

Light fills the interiors of this Scandinavian home

Light fills the rooms and interiors of this Scandinavian style home with an open floor plan and an overall bright atmosphere.

Summer house dream in rustic and modern style

Exclusive ranch like summer house in southern Sweden charms with its combination of rustic and modern styles, joined by integrated terrace pool, additional guest room and garden room.

Antique and modern styles combined in the Scandinavian way

Antique furniture and modern white surfaces give this beautiful Scandinavian its fine and elegant look, yet same time feeling very welcoming and cosy for family living.

Decor details in a Scandinavian home

Interesting and personal decor details create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for this Scandinavian style home apartment in Sweden.

Edgy contrast for white home decor style

Playing with light grey tones and different materials while adding them into a white dominating home decor, you might end up getting something unique and special.

Renovation of a garage/stable on the beautiful countryside of Gotland

Renovated garage/stable house offers a stunning place to enjoy the warm summer days to the fullest, in an authentic and historical environment.

Clean Scandinavian interior design style

Stripes, grids and catchy decor details give this Scandinavian style kitchen a fine-tuned look, yet keeping the overall light and clean style.

Scandinavian home design combining white, black and original decor details

Black wooden flooring in the living room gives nice contrast for the bright white walls and ceiling of this Scandinavian style apartment in Sweden.

Dark flooring and furniture to add drama for the interior design

Dark tones, wooden flooring, twisted with lightness of white and natural tones, creating a cosy atmosphere for this Swedish apartment.

Bright scandinavian interior design showing the force of white

White main color gets a warm addition from the wooden flooring, while the dark furniture and colorful wallpaper in the kids room create a cosy atmosphere.

Unique decor style in a Swedish apartment

Beautiful Swedish apartment with a unique look and many personal decor details. The warm atmosphere generates from the earthy natural color palette.

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Fine-tuned luxury apartment in Triumph Palace

Contemporary glossy white gets an elegant addition from the natural toned wooden wall panel elements in this Triumph Palace apartment designed by Alexandra Fedorova.