Villa AMT in Neve Ithamar by Gerstner


Villa AMT designed by Gerstner, is located in a residential neighborhood of Neve Ithamar, Israel. This beautiful private villa reflects the rural residential language of the surrounding houses yet giving it a perfect and well planned finish. Consisting of 220 square meters this house offers some spectacular spaces and  pure grand view to the private garden. A dining area terrace along with the garden set out from the open living room area and from the master bedroom. The overall open floor plans gives actually a quite loft like feeling. Beautifully designed details, like the glass handrail and the wood steps in the staircase create the light and contemporary atmosphere. The mezzanine office and the high bookshelf is also very impressive, highlighting same time the height of the space.

villa-amt-gerstner-bedroom villa-amt-gerstner-bedroom-window villa-amt-gerstner-bathroom villa-amt-gerstner-bathroom2 villa-amt-gerstner-kitchen villa-amt-gerstner-kithen-cabinets villa-amt-gerstner-staircase villa-amt-gerstner-livingroom villa-amt-gerstner-livingroom-terrace villa-amt-gerstner-desktop-staircase villa-amt-gerstner-terrace villa-amt-gerstner-outside villa-amt-gerstner-fence