Villa Lulla, a Finnish paradise by Joarc Architects


Villa Lulla by Joarc Architects is a real treasure in the world of architecture. With its sculptural lines and design, Villa Lulla is a tribute to architecture’s play with the surrounding nature. Floating on the steel pillars, the stability of rocks and cliffs around give the impression of the house flying in the air. Constructed from the Siberian larch tree, the house beautifully melts into its surroundings. Spectacular views of the open sea and the large patio and terrace areas give the amazing opportunity to enjoy the outdoors to its fullest. Glass walls all around the house, the combination of steel and wood, and the simple yet skillful architecture create the stunning look of the main house. With addition, the open social interiors and the sauna, storage and the guest house make this incredibly amazing summer villa to be one of a kind.

villa-lulla-joarc-architects-architecture villa-lulla-joarc-architects-nature villa-lulla-joarc-architects-woodwork villa-lulla-joarc-architects-patio villa-lulla-joarc-architects-patio-area villa-lulla-joarc-architects-glasswalls villa-lulla-joarc-architects-views villa-lulla-joarc-architects-kitchen villa-lulla-joarc-architects-dining villa-lulla-joarc-architects-sunken-livingroom villa-lulla-joarc-architects-walls villa-lulla-joarc-architects-shower villa-lulla-joarc-architects-bathroom villa-lulla-joarc-architects-bedroom villa-lulla-joarc-architects-hallway villa-lulla-joarc-architects-beach villa-lulla-joarc-architects-outdoors villa-lulla-joarc-architects-interior villa-lulla-joarc-architects-surroundings villa-lulla-joarc-architects-beachhouse

Photos / Katariina Träskelin