Vipp Shelter, a plug and play cabin house


Vipp Shelter is a plug and play like, 55 m2 all-inclusive cabin house. The simple steel grid structurally supports the two level space where wall wide glass divide the surrounding nature from the indoors. Everything you see in the interiors is Vipp and it’s all inclusive. The Vipp Shelter comes delivered fully equipped for a total design experience. The sleeping area in the upper level has a sky window, it’s a perfect place to rest. In the main level Vipp kitchen island defines the kitchen area and integrated fireplace takes care of the warmth on cold winter days. The starting point of the Vipp shelter is going back to basics. Each piece of interior and its dominant dark tones are carefully selected in order to keep focus on nature. The sliding window frames accentuate the sensation of living in nature by blurring the distinction of indoor outdoor space. Check out for full details at

” The perfect getaway retreat should by definition be remote, smart but spartanious and surrounded by breathtaking nature. And to get your own getawal shouldn’t require lifting any fingers – except the one pointing to where you want it. “, says Morten Bo Jens, Chief Designer.

vipp-shelter-glasswall vipp-shelter-rooms vipp-shelter-fireplace-livingroom vipp-shelter-kitchen vipp-shelter-daybed vipp-shelter-sleepingarea vipp-shelter-enjoy vipp-shelter-landscape vipp-shelter-outside-night