White joins the shades of gray in this Scandinavian home


Gorgeous white dominating the base color palette of this Finnish home, gets nice vivid contrast through the large room height windows, emphasizing the overall feel of space in the house. Originally designed by architect Juhani Harju, this wooden house joins a pure Scandinavian decor style with additions of different materials and design furniture. The house is listed at LUXUSm2.


Kartell Masters Bar Stools around the concrete toned island give the kitchen a sleek look, while the full white cabinets and integrated kitchen appliances create a minimalist overall.

scandinavian-white-gray-interior-kitchen scandinavian-white-gray-interior-staircase

Glass staircase rail lets the natural light flow through the space giving the stairs a light look as well.


Cosy lounge and sitting rooms offer a place for relaxing and enjoying the warmth of fireplace.


Layered curtains add a hotel-like feeling for the space but also work for versatile usage, example in the summer time restricting the sunlight.

scandinavian-white-gray-interior-decor scandinavian-white-gray-interior-living-room scandinavian-white-gray-interior-sauna

Elegant tones of light brown fit perfectly with the wooden materials in the open bathroom and sauna area.

scandinavian-white-gray-interior-bathroom scandinavian-white-gray-interior-bathroom-design scandinavian-white-gray-interior-bedroom

The Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen together with the Kartell Cindy bedside table lamps.

scandinavian-white-gray-interior-kids-room scandinavian-white-gray-interior-terrace scandinavian-white-gray-interior-entry

Photos luxusm2.fi