White vintage spiced with royal details and clean design


This 100 square meters sized Gothenburg apartment listed at Entrance shows amazing interior design and styling twisted with royal like details and home decor. The basic white layout throughout the apartment gets good contrast from the vintage wood, dark furniture and versatile light fixtures. The chandelier, brass cabinet door knobs, the mirror and the detailed fireplace in the kitchen are just the beginning. The green plants in the rooms give the apartment a cozy natural addition and check out the bathroom with the half wall tiling and mystic green wall color.

kitchen-white-style kitchen-wooden-vintage-table kitchen-cabinet-door-knobs kitchen-work-table kitchen-door-borders pair-door-living-room white-livingroom-decorating living-room-fireplace black-wall-lamp-living-room bedroom-with-a-balcony bedroom-wall-lamps greenplant-bedroom-backwall bedroom-storage pair-door-in-bedroom bedroom-work-table bathroom-white-green bathroom-sink-cabinet green-wall-in-bathroom hallway-white-scandinavian-home decorating-balcony vintage-scandinavian-apartment-apartment

Photos Anders Bergstedt / entrancemakleri.se