Wooden element in the middle dividing the rooms of the house


Designer by Wannenmacher & Möller architects, this beautiful house in Düsseldorf, Germany, showcases a special example of interesting space dividing with solid wooden element in the middle of the house. The entry floor of the house consists the kitchen, dining and living room, while the bedrooms are in the upper floor. Elegant and warm wooden wall element in the middle divides the rooms spaces from each other yet keeping the overall layout quite open. Thanks to the big glass walls on both sides of the house the interiors integrate beautifully with the surroundings and garden. Sophisticated and timeless color/material palette from white, wood, glass and grey floor tiling creates an elegant atmosphere inside the house.


The great room height multiplies the amount of natural light making same time the house feel a little bigger.

look-interior-design-wood-white-light walls-interior-design-wood-white-light living-room-terrace-interior-design-wood-white-light

Clear lines of architecture and positioning of furniture bring a carefully designed look for the house. There is nothing too much yet something interesting and not too clean.

glass-walls-interior-design-wood-white-light natural-light-interior-design-wood-white-light kitchen-interior-design-wood-white-light kitchen-layout-interior-design-wood-white-light bathroom-interior-design-wood-white-light panels-interior-design-wood-white-light stairs-interior-design-wood-white-light upper-floor-interior-design-wood-white-light atmosphere-interior-design-wood-white-light

Photos wannenmacher-moeller.de