Wooden family house by Casagrande Laboratory


House Apelle by Casagrande Laboratory is a wooden one family house located in Karjaa, Finland. The architectural shape of the house, in addition with the circular windows on the side, the house looks like a boat resting in the harbor. In the winter scenery it almost disappears into the nature filled with snow.

The tube shaped floor plan creates a continuum between the spaces and grows gradually along the house. Large glass walls and windows let the nature become part of the interiors while also allowing lots of natural light come in and offering great views to outdoor.

glass-walls-house-apelle-casagrande-laboratory levels-house-apelle-casagrande-laboratory hallway-house-apelle-casagrande-laboratory adaption-house-apelle-casagrande-laboratory fireplace-house-apelle-casagrande-laboratory

The spaces and functions are in different levels giving them a little privacy yet connecting them in same open and social area. The massive fireplace element in the corner adds great contrast and architectural character, also emphasizing the room height.

sitting-room-house-apelle-casagrande-laboratorykitchen-house-apelle-casagrande-laboratory living-room-house-apelle-casagrande-laboratory white-interiors-house-apelle-casagrande-laboratory

Beautiful white metal stove in the middle creates a division between the bedroom and restroom. White milk glass storage walls and the white tone flooring throughout enhance the light decor style of the house.

round-windows-house-apelle-casagrande-laboratory bedroom-house-apelle-casagrande-laboratory home-decor-house-apelle-casagrande-laboratory profile-house-apelle-casagrande-laboratory garden-house-apelle-casagrande-laboratory house-apelle-casagrande-laboratory

Photos clab.fi