Woodieful Chair


Woodieful Chair

The Woodieful Chair is a multifunctional design furniture and a fusion of minimalism, sustainable design and advanced versatile functionality. Woodieful Chair is made from high quality beech wood, which has been selected for its durability and resistance, while bringing a warm addition for the surrounding space and room.

This beautiful furniture is now in Kickstarter. To support the start of this beautiful piece of design or if you want to get yours, go to the Kickstarter website. For information on the product, go to the Woodieful website.

woodieful-chair-magazines-holder woodieful-chair-magazine-holder

Woodieful is not just a chair. It can be flipped into a table, nightstand, a shelf or a stool. The rounded corners make it comfortable in use and give it a well finished look. The slots are for books, magazines and other things you need for storing.


Easily movable, yet durable (up to 160 kg) makes the Woodiful Chair a long lasting partner in the living space. The wooden material makes it fit almost any interior style, starting from the beauty of Scandinavian interiors to the luxury mansions.